Zoe Viccaji released new music video ‘Ajeeb Safar’


Happy independence day to all of you first, No doubt Pakistan is made with a lot of sacrifices and hurdles and we should thank to almighty Allah who blessed us with this independent state.

Many of us celebrating this day with friends, family whole day or night by lightning our buildings, streets and our roadsides, or by playing some Patriotic songs. Many of us wants to stay home and sleeping whole day just because of Holiday !  and do nothing. Every one has their own idea of expression this freedom.

Our most favorite singer Zoe Vaccaji has released  new Music video

“Ajeeb Safar” which is totally different from her other tracks !



“I was reading a new book of poems by Dr Meher Akhtar and one of poems felt like it was saying everything We were thinking- I casually put a melody to it and soon realized this needed to be a complete tune- and so “Ajeeb Safar” was transformed into a song.
We are tired- flames have been extinguished. But we must keep hoping- but there will be people who bloom like flowers and there will be new pathways to be found. We must keep going- the journey is strange and arduous,but that is the nature of life’s journey- yeh hai safar  says -Zoe Viccaji


Poetry by Meher Zaidi

Directed by Zaeem Asad

DOP Noor Turk

Video production Daawar Zaim

Art Director Owais Burney