Zara abid is doing her debut film ‘Chaudhry’



Tell me about your character/role ?

Well I am not allowed to say much about the character, yes it’s not the basic stereo type role every debutant does in her movie, it has a lot to show much more acting then myself in the film.

Whats the story about ?

2. As the name says CHAUDHRY so it’s all about him.

Who else in the cast ?

3. Still finalising, so wait for few days and you will get all the scoops you want.

Whos the director , writer, producer, ?

4. Azeem Sajjad is the director and written by Zeeshan Junaid

When they are planning to launch ??

5. They are planning to begin the shoot end of this year INSHAALLAH

How was your experience or expectations ?

6. I believe I love the character in the first go, when I got a call one fine day, the lady on the other side explained that to me and I got convinced. As they say you always get a chance once in the lifetime. Off course (fingers crossed) like everyone I have high hopes with the film, let’s see how people accepts me as an actress now.

What made you to do feature film ?

8. I have always been fond of dancing, acting and later modeling, ALHAMDOLILLAH you know it all about my modeling career, so now I thought I should give it a try and I found myself lucky enough to get the right call at the right time.

Will you continue your modeling ?

9. Yes yes, I’ll do whatever comes my way, since we don’t have many movies going on right now, and its because of Modeling what I am today, so how I can ever forget my first footsteps.

Will it be shoot only in Pakistan ?

10. Yes, do we have any better and more beautiful place than Pakistan in the world, it’s for Pakistani by Pakistanis, Pakistan Zindabhaaad.