Umair jaswal & Sana Javed are not Getting Married.


This new year 2020 brings new hopes new ideas and Many good things also if  we call it celebs wedding year then we might not wrong because if you look at Iqra Aziz & Yasir hussain , Saad Qureshi and Yumna zaidi also Sajjal Aly and Ahad raza Mir which they are going to married this year.

Umair Jaswal a renowned singer also lead vocalist of the rock band Qayaas. Umair is the brother of singers Yasir Jaswal and Uzair Jaswal. In coke studio 8 He gave major hit song  ‘Sammi meri waar was his big hit which is still unforgettable. Whereas Sana javed a renowned TV actress  played the leading role of Sanam Ali Khan alongside Feroze Khan in Blockbuster series Khaani. She also made her film debut with the socio-comedy film Mehrunisa V Lub U opposite Danish Taimoor in 2017.

Well The rumors were everywhere that Umair jaswal And Sana Javed are getting married this year, Well for all those who published with out the confirmation it is to inform you that there is no such things, its in our media industry if you sit for 5 minutes together or Hug some one people start considering as they are in relationship, As per our close resource They are very Good friends but they are not decided yet to get married each other and they have told to many News mongers to stop spreading this news everywhere.

In Umair Jaswal’s Birthday Sana Javed Sent This beautiful cake to him later people start assuming that they are in relationship and getting married.