This isn’t about a free trip to Dubai on a private jet- Osman khalid butt


After Nabeel Zafar has spoke up against the hypocrisy of PISA management and now other celebs have also came up on the front sharing the similar stories. 

Osman khalid butt also has something to say on this PISAAWARDS2020 which is happening in Dubai

I don’t want this to turn into a finger-pointing contest. I just would have appreciated some professionalism instead of us being kept in the dark till, quite literally, the morning of the event. I reached out to my friends in the fraternity and they also said there was radio silence from the organizers’ end.
I was honored, as I’m sure all the nominees in their respective categories were, to be recognized for my work in Baaji (Best Supporting Actor – Film) and with the hope that a new, impartial award ceremony honoring the best in film & television was being launched, that too on an international platform.
All of our documentations were in place, we were the ones reaching out and requesting details and itineraries. Nothing was provided.
I just read Nabeel’s post right now. It is one thing to only, say, fly in potential winners, performers and a select few from the industry. It is another to pursue actors, directors, (nominees, mind you) confirm their attendance, get their visas sorted, and then disappear.
I still wish the team of PISA all the best, and I hope they learn from this mistake. But they first have to acknowledge they made one. There has been no statement from their end. This isn’t about a free trip to Dubai on a private jet. Most of us had to clear our schedules, request our production teams for days off, put our work on hold. This is about disrespecting the same fraternity folk you’ve advertised your ceremony around.