There was a lot of mismanagement to our respected guests for which we apologise- Hasan Rizvi


Many Pakistani celebrities posted their concern regarding  Pakistan international Screen Awards which held in Dubai Last night, They were talking about the mismanagement and the other issues regarding they faced because Management took all the information and confirmed them that they are onboard to PISAawards2020, Even not celebrities but also Journalist and many renowned entertainment portals/Bloggers  were also got the same issued.

The karachi Based event organizer Hasan Rizvi from Body beat PR finally discussed and he shared the actuall reason happened with him and he has a message to all the respectfull celebrities who faced this trauma,.

“There was a lot of mismanagement to our respected guests for which we apologise. Our intention was never to disrespect anyone. We didn’t receive tickets for many guests for several reasons including unavailability of seats. In awards of this magnitude there are definitely teething issues but we hope that PISA eventually becomes a platform that makes Pakistan’s all over the world proud. The show yesterday was everything we could imagine. May we all continue to support each other and celebrate Pakistani cinema and fashion.