tête-à-tête with Shan baig


Pakistani  Actor Shan baig is one of the rising star in our Pakistani media Industry, if we say He came he saw he conquered then it will not be wrong in Shan baig’s Media Career. He has done tremendous fashion shoots, fashion walk and many commercials too and now he is doing TV dramas specially Thora sa Haq which is the most favorite drama now adays apart from this he has done Some cameo appearances in Films too. We got in touch with Shan Baig and he shared some valuable things from his life. 

Tell us how did you step in media Industry ?

SB : I auditioned for a telefilm which was being made for geo tv a few years ago, for which I was selected and the rest is history.

Was it your dream job to become an actor, model ?

SB : I always wanted to do something through which I can be famous and known enough to make some sort of difference in the society and I believe I’m still in the process of doing that.

Did your family support you in this journey?

SB : My father was also related to the media industry back in the 70’s, he did a couple of hit movies with well renowned directors of his time and later he left the industry and moved abroad to settle down. He completely supports me and the rest of my family also.

Share any thing or incident happened with you which changed your perception of life or way of life ?


SB : My best friend’s death which occurred in 2012 changed my life entirely and the way I use to see things, as they say life is nothing but a journey towards death, I was quite impatient before but that incident made me wiser and a patient person.

How do you maintain your fitness ? What you eat specially on cheat meal day ?

SB : I try to do a portion control diet and avoid products containing, oil, sugar, rice, bread & soda. On cheat meal days I crave pizzas and burgers or sometimes nihari which I do opt for but not in excessive amount.

Who’s your best friend in media Industry ?

SB : I have a very few friends but if you would ask me who my best friend is In the industry I certainly would have to say Kinza Hashmi, as I take her as my friend/sister someone I have a bond with.

One thing which you change in media Industry/modeling ?

SB : Fabrication and two faced mentality of the people needs to change. If people be straight forward and honest, things would be much easier for everyone.

You did cameo in film aswell. How was your experience working in drama and film?


SB : I did a web series for Eros now India, it was directed by Wajahat Rauf and it was shot like a film on Alexa, the camera which is used to make films. It was a learning experience for me as the cast was big which was more experienced and I had more room to use body language than I get in the drama.

When this love at first sight happened and suddenly changed into marriage?

SB : it’s a long story will share it some other time 😉

What are the success things or advice to maintain good relationship in married couple ?


SB : Always keep your family first and give them the first priority if one wants to succeed in this life and the here after.

What are your upcoming plans/ventures?

SB : I’m currently looking forward to a few shows and a mega serial.