Srha Asghar all set to make her film debut with actor Inayat Khan


Srha is a beautiful and Young Pakistani talent who has achieved a lot of admiration and recognition in a short time. She had a dream of becoming a director since childhood but she ends up becoming an actress who is best known for her supporting roles in various hit serials. She gave a start to her career during her studies which she later completed in 2018. She is unmarried and fully devoted to her career. Srha Asghar has also gone through an amazing transformation. Though she was already super pretty she lose some weight to get more fit and is looking even better.

Srha is all set to make her appearance on big screen doing debut film ‘RECORD’

Genra horror-paranormal investigatory film
Starring Srha Asghar and Inayat Khan
Produced and directed by Kashif Khan

Irfanistan got in touch with srha and she disclose some details :

“The character im playing in this film is a Show host and i’m going to a paranormal investigating team to find out how they work,Inayat khan is in Invesitgating team and that’s how we meet each other, we started this film last year and we wrapped this year and we are super excited for this film,hope for the best”

Srha has done many dramas in her career as follows :

  1. Khoat
  2. Waada
  3. Kambakht Tanoo
  4. Zindaan
  5. Be Aitabar
  6. Ishq Ya Rabba
  7. Wajood e Zan
  8. Aik Mohabbat Kafi Hai
  9. Ki Jaana Mein Kon
  10. Babban Khala Ki Betian
  11. Meer Abroo