Sherdil is a sheer entertaining movie which will make you feel proud of the country!


Ever since the filmmakers have started experimenting on scripts and are breaking the monotony, people have started trusting the Pakistani cinema again. Just like a recent release, Sherdil, directed by Azfar Jafri, made a huge impact and people are going enthusiastic about the country and its betterment. Such kind of scripts and direction we need in our films to make people realize that Pakistani cinema is no less.

The story of the movie, amazing cinematography and most importantly performance of the actors is truly commendable. Not just it gives you positive vibes but it also entertains you. The movie highlights the story of a young pilot and his life that how he starts learning the true meaning of life, which is played by Mikaal Zulfiqar. Other than him, Armeena Rana khan, Sabeeka Imam and Hasan Niazi are also playing pivotal roles in the movie

The  best part of their Songs :




Not to forget, an entertaining movie has to have the best music and Sherdil won’t disappoint you on that. credit goes to Adnan Dhol and Rabi. Let’s also praise Riki Butland for the breathtaking aerial shots which is another beautiful part of the film.

The movie is produced by Nomaan Khan is a full on paisa vasool, family entertainer with amazingly shot air fight scenes!