SheessajjadGul is doing his first debut webseries ‘Ayesha’


Our Favourite child star Roomi known as Sheessajjadgul is all set to do his first debut webseries along with Sarmad khoosat & Yasra Rizvi The title of the Webseries ‘Ayesha’ it is  Written by  MehwishHassan & directed by najafbilgrami.. Produced by planbproduction

As Per Yasra Rizvi :

So Mere Pass Tum Ho ended and although I watched only a couple of episodes I kept on hearing about how people are just in love with Roomi a.k.a @sheessajigul ❤ I happen to know this child outside of work for past 5 or so years because we are friends with his parents. The reason I bring this up is because Shees is a case study if you pay attention he has an important lesson to part. He is definitely beautiful MashaAllah but also an introvert, an animal lover and has absolutely no attachment to acting or even writing like his father @saji.gul he just wants to be with his cat and eventually become a scientist, he is already refusing jobs maybe later on he may feel otherwise but when he walked in to the set of Mpth trust me he wasnt imagining the red carpet or the oscars ‘he just went and he just be’ and he is already a huge star. My scripts are flooding with notes when I am about to do a character I fret and I sweat and his father a dear friend spends countless hours thinking and writing and we as artists have to work very hard to make it work and we have been doing this for quite some time but he didnt have to and he is not even 10 years old yet! Thats life! It has a mind of its own, its own timing, its own rythm, unique for each person and whatever has to happen will happen when it has to happen or something else will, all you can do is wake up, dress up, and show up!