Saqib Malik’s upcoming flick title is ‘Baaji’


Saqib Malik’s upcoming flick title is ‘Baaji’

Yes You heard the right news here, Finally Irfanistan got to know some inside exclusive scoop of Saqib Malik‘s upcoming feature film Title is Baaji.

Wait there are more Exclusive things you must know, specially the CAST ! Usman Khalid Butt , Meera Ji, Mohsin Abbas Haider, Ali Kazmi ,Nisho and many other stars will also be seen in the cast.

The Rumor was the film is based on Meera Ji but Director Saqib Malik denies that its not based on her life but  based on a variety of social themes. And the script is still in the works.

Mohsin Abbas Haider & Ali Kazmi are also playing a very important role in this film, but due to some restrictions they didn’t disclose  their part.  Saqib Malik will soon announce the press conference where he will share more details about his film, Meanwhile we keep our finger crossed and super excited to see Meera ji on Screen again.