Raeed muhammad is all set for his debut film ‘Badmashiya’


The director Abu Aleha is planning to make his new feature film ‘Badmashiya’ where he is cast the very famous model Raeed muhammad as the main lead character. Based on the realities of our society. Raeed alam has done many TVc’s dramas, ramp shows and now he is going to do his debut feature film ‘Badmashiya’

Raeed muhammad is all set for his debut film ‘Badmashiya’

Raeed muhammad shares exclusive details of his upcoming film with Irfanistan

“Well the director himself approached me for this character because the story is based on a normal person who lived in Lyari where I’m playing a street fighter guy who raises his voice for his rights, it’s totally based on the realities of our society, there is a lot of expectations regarding this film, have done a lot of hard work for this character, hopefully, people will definitely like this film, the release date is not confirmed yet” Says Raeed muhammad.

The film is directed by Abu aleha and written by  Abida ahmed