Rabab Hashim is doing a drama serial “Ishq Nah Kario Koi” of TNI production


Irfanistan got in touch direct with very Famous Tv actress/ host Rabab Hashim to discuss about her upcoming project with TNI production

Rabab Hashim is doing a drama serial “Ishq Nah Kario Koi” of TNI production


Tell us about your character/role in this serial Ishq Nah Kario Koi ?

My Character name is Fariha. And there is a major transformation for me. She starts off as a timid girl with no confidence and low self esteem. She’s hopelessly in love with a boy in her university. And that’s where the heart break is. I love the character, because it reaffirms that there is no good or bad. Our circumstances and emotions make us do things.

Can you tell us about the plot ?

Can’t reveal too much, but the plot revolves around Fariha’s obsession with the guy she loves and eventually hates with equal intensity. It’s an interesting story.

When its going to onair and from which channel ?

Channel is not decided yet.

Who else in the cast ?

Noor Hasan my favourite costar and a wonderful friend plays the male lead. The rest of the cast includes Saba Faisal, firdous jamal, Javed Sheikh, Hajra Yamin, Fariha, Humayun Ashraf and others.

How was your experience ?

It has been a fun experience playing this character. She’s different from the normal damsel in distress protagonists that I generally play. I liked the character because it has a strong transformation.

Who’s the director,writer,producer ?

The writer is Ali Moen. The director is Abdullah Badini. And the producer is Zeeshan Khan (TNI productions)

What are your upcoming plans ?

Plans. To keep doing exciting projects in the time to come. I don’t do a lot of work. I’m choosy with scripts. But I love experimenting. And I’m hoping this is going to be an exciting year.