Pakistan’s first environment-friendly food festival held in Karachi

Pakistan’s first environment-friendly food festival held in Karachi at Beach park.
The actual concept behind this event was to revisit the idea of organizing food festivals, reduce food wastage, recycle what we can and reuse creatively. In an effort to make zero waste to landfills, a number of steps will be taken at the venue.

The To discourage single-use plastics and promote sustainable food consumption, WWF-Pakistan and BrandLogics have partnered to organize the country’s first environmental-friendly food festival in the city. The festival, ReFest, aims to reduce food waste and raise awareness about eating food in a responsible way as well as adopting sustainable practices in our daily lives such as reduced use of single-use plastics. WWF believes that if food is produced more sustainably, distributed fairly and consumed more responsibly, humans and planetary health can be improved.
Only eco-friendly cutlery will be available during the festival and Styrofoam cups and plates will not be allowed while single use plastic containers and straws will be discouraged. However, if any food stall uses them they will be collected for recycling.
WWF-Pakistan will also encourage people to use paper plates and cups as well as aluminium plates and packaging. Moreover, tickets used during the event will be made from recycled paper. To reduce carbon emissions, carpooling is encouraged and tree plantations will be carried out after the festival. As part of the eco-friendly festival, ReFest teams will incentive consumers to collect bottles at the venue. Further, all waste generated during the event will be properly collected and segregated for recycling. The festival will also have a recycled art exhibition area. Finally, all surplus food not sold at the end of each day at the festival will be collected by Robin Hood Army and distributed to less privileged people in the city.
Talking about the festival, Asma Ezdi, Head of Communications and Marketing, WWF-Pakistan said that food nourishes us and gives us energy. She also shared that without nature, there is no food and everyone has a role in deciding what goes from planet to plate. She informed that by tackling food loss and waste, we can ensure that every calorie counts, making a real difference to climate change and protecting life on our planet. As part of this festival, WWF-Pakistan in collaboration with different partners is also organizing clean up drives across key public places in city.
‘The event will help create awareness about how people can change their ways to eat and reduce plastics that damage our environment and biodiversity’, she added. Ali Hassan, CEO, BrandLogics said, ‘Through this partnership with WWF-Pakistan, we are demonstrating our commitment to changing the event management space in the country. The ReFest food festival aims to showcase that it is possible to have fun while being responsible and promote environment friendly habits in our daily lives.’
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