Pakistani dramas should be aired in Saudi Arabia — Atiqa Odho


Chairperson ACT and former chairperson UPA, Atiqa Odho has recently returned from a successful trip to Saudi Arabia where she performed Umrah and also met with people representing Saudi Media Industry. In a Meet and Greet event held in her honour in Jeddah, organized by Nausheen Waseem, General Entertainment Authority Advisor, Odho expressed the dire need for Pakistan to make dramas and films that are culturally acceptable and can be dubbed in Arabic language to run on indigenous channels in Saudi Arabia.
Speaking on the occasion in front of a large audience of Pakistanis living in Jeddah, and media, Odho said, “I feel times have changed and we can no longer restrict our content to just the Pakistani diaspora around the world. Internationally, content is being dubbed in different languages and viewed the world over, whether on television channels or through on-line platforms. However, our plays are only showing on Pakistani channels as they are not being dubbed for other nationalities to understand them. I have requested relevant Saudi authorities in Riyadh to bring Pakistani dramas here for dubbing in Arabic language, and telecasting on Saudi channels.
“The film industry of Pakistan has proved itself all over the world including in Saudi Arabia and earned foreign exchange from their phenomenal work. Pakistani plays are no less spectacular, and our quality dramas should also be brought here to not only depict our culture and talent abroad, but also to earn foreign exchange in these difficult times. Our actors and journalists are playing an important role to introduce the culture of Pakistan to the outside world, and the government of Pakistan should now do their part to support and patronize the showbiz industry.”
She added that it is essential to do joint ventures now as well, with cultures and artistes of both countries represented and a mixed narrative going out. Odho stated, “Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have a deep and meaningful history from which we can create narratives that tell a collective story. This would help further strengthen our ties and understanding of each other’s cultures.”
Odho has already started working towards this end since her return and is setting the wheels in motion to achieve her goals.