Multitalented icon Yasir Akhtar sets a new trend of premieres on television with successful films ‘Azaad’ and ‘Rung Dorangi’


Author : Atlas

Yasir Akhtar has successfully started a new trend of premieres for films on television with high-quality films ‘Rung Dorangi’ and ‘Azaad’.

Last year, Akhtar released movie ‘Azaad’ shot in London, broadcasted on Aaj Entertainment. This year he has premiered another groundbreaking film ‘Rung Dorangi’, both the films are available on social media and receiving raving reviews. Films like ‘Azaad’ and ‘Rung Dorangi’ are game-changers and an exciting experience for wider audiences all across the world. Film ‘Rung Dorangi’ premiered on LTN Family in March, 2021.

Recently, an event on the success of films ‘Azaad’ and ‘Rung DoRangi’ was held at Marriot Hotel sponsored by Reem Rice Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. The star-studded event made it more colorful hosted by versatile actress and presenter Maria Wasti. Besides meeting the celebrities and stars of the film ‘Rung Dorangi’ and ‘Azaad;. The audience at the launch show had a chance to watch the impressive show reel of Mr. Akhtar’s contributions to the Pakistani and UK media.

The CEO of Reem Rice #QashifEffendi said “Yasir Akhtar and him has been collaborating for so many trendsetting productions”. #ReemRice also announced the launch of their new product Reem Crispy Crunch.

The internationally acclaimed filmmaker, singer, actor and producer Yasir Akhtar’s recently launched film Rung Dorangi has a big canvas, giving a cinematic experience on your television screens – sets it apart from others. Other productions can follow the example to transform the small-screen experience for Pakistani television fans.

Rung DoRangi film is setting a new mark with its unrestricted locations and budget. Yasir Akhtar has entertained the Pakistani audience with his delightful and catchy songs, innovative shows, and films for decades. Now he is redefining films for television in Pakistan, as well as in the United Kingdom.

The audience at the success event enjoyed the presentation of Yasir Akhtar’s band The Arid Zone and his solo songs and productions. Such as the jazzy Tu Hai Jahan, the ever-green nostalgic tunes of Tere Naal Dil Milya, Chadni, My Love, Aey Sanam to the ground breaking productions like ‘Music Channel Charts’, French Toast, Mera Ghar Aik Whirpool, Jayen Kahan Armaan, Sard Aag to Akhtar’s work in the e recent years like Sansani, Take it Easy to film ‘Azaad’.

Let’s talk about Rung Dorangi in detail – why it is a significant film in these COVID-19 times. First, the broad canvas and theatrical representation of it makes it an intriguing watch. The script-writer is by the renowned actor and writer Saqib Sumeer along with Dureen Anwar – who has done a great job by making it a mass-appeal.
Run Dorangi is splendidly shot by Farman Ali Balti and well-edited by Ali Mohammad. The climactic scenes and stellar performances are what make the film worth watching. It would not be untrue to say that Rung Dorangi is an addition to Yasir Akhtar’s long-term successful career.

The story revolves around the life of a single parent Hamza (Yasir Akhtar), and his son Umar (Shees Sajjad Gul). The heart-touching duo of Yasir Aktar and Shees Gul will melt the hearts. Child Star Shees Sajjad Gul is, yet again, striking the screen after his blockbuster drama serial Mere Paas Tum ho. The father-son is living in a secluded farmhouse. The story takes a turn when Ayesha (Namra Shahid) escapes a forced marriage and visits the father and son with her friend (played by Palwashay Yahya).

A series of incidents occur when Ayesha starts living at the house with Hamza, Umar, and their helper Makkhan (Irfan Motiwala). The film brings surprising elements when the characters of Safdar (Hasham Khan) and Jibran (Tabrez Ali) enter the story. The supporting cast has done a commendable job. The comic timing of Irfan Motiwala and Faizan Shaikh brings a lot of entertainment. And the romantic scenes of Namrah Shahid and Yasir Akhtar will be captivating for love story buffs. All in all, Rung Dorangi is a fully-fledged mass-appeal, rom-com film to be watched with family over a fun weekend.

Rung Dorangi’s soulful music is another highlight of the film. The main soundtrack is a fusion of country music with Alaap by Vicky Akbar. Background scoring is done by Octave Studios, while the lyrics are by Irfan Saleem and Yasir Akhtar.

Through the years, Yasir Akhtar has proven to stay committed to the craft of making music and films. Still, the Rung Dorangi soundtrack performed by him on stage on the launch day along with other actors made audiences swaying is an example of it. The event ended with a grand dinner, and the distribution of goodie bags by Reem Rice was a healthy gesture.