Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nazish Jahangir will be seen together in Ali hassan drama serial soon


The very talented Mohsin abbas Haider once again in controversy, recently the actor Mohsin Abbas Haider has reportedly been arrested, as announced by his ex-wife Fatima Sohail.

Mohsin Abbas Haider and Nazish Jahangir will be seen together in Ali hassan drama serial soon

Fatima Sohail shared a news clip revealing the actor and model Nazish Jahangir was taken into custody on Friday by the FIA cybercrime wing in Karachi, on charges of blackmail, harassment, and spreading fake pictures and videos.

“Finally after a long legal battle against the injustice to me and my son FIA has found Mohsin and model Nazish guilty of the crime, fake videos and fake posts against me being circulating and harassing me on social media,” wrote Sohail who accused her ex-husband of domestic abuse and having an extra-marital affair last year.

“I kept quiet for a long time as the case is being processed in court and today FIA interrogated regarding the matter, I am hopeful to get justice very soon, I request you all to remember me in your prayers. And they were arrested from their apartment in Karachi,” Sohail said further in her post.

Irfanistan team got in touch with Mohsin Abbas Haider and Director Ali Hassan to find the actual news :

Mohsin abbas Haider replied the news on his social media :

In response to his follower, he said: she did this just to get a lil fame and you don’t remember her !!?


Whereas the Picture of Mohsin abbas and Nazish Jahangir at the icecream outlet, went viral on social media with the director Ali Hassan. Irfanistan got in touch with the director and actor to know the details of their project.

Director Ali Hassan who has given many TV serials in past , planning to launch these two stars together ‘Mohsin abbas and Nazish Jahangir ‘ he confirmed to us that yes, they are working on this project but waiting for the right time to schedule the things.

Mohsin abbas also confirmed that just we had a meeting with the director Ali hassan but things will get mature will update more about the project.