Lahore Eat Begins at Full Speed For the Biggest Food Festival of the Year


After 2 very successful & highly anticipated events by Eats Official Pakistan at Karachi and Islamabad, the long-awaited food festival of the year kickstarted on Friday the 25th of March at Khayaban-e-Amin Cricket Ground, with guests arriving from 4 pm and leaving after a lot of applause and cheering at the unforgettable musical performance by various sensational artists, along with a wholesome food experience.

With the help of the Eats Official team and through a time team of guards, security was effectively provided along with safety protocols being followed by the attendees by showing proof of vaccination upon entry.

The evening started with many busy queues at different food stalls that ranged from desi cuisine, Asian food, fusion food as well as a diverse range of sweet treats. Cheesy pizzas were a go-to snack for many kids and adults alike from food ventures such as Delish Pizza Bar, Solis and California Pizza. The decadent desserts were very popular amongst the audience, considering the variety of food stalls providing desserts like The Sweet Rack, Icemokes, Icecurl, Caramel & Co, Pop Bar, Joey Donuts and many more. Some Punjabi classics such as Arif Chatkhara, Lahori Tadka, Dawat-E-Khas, Chakh Makh and Dera were amongst the many popular food stalls visited by the attendees. Fast food that is the all-time rave nowadays are burgers; and the response received from Lahore Eat on day 1 was incredible, with many food stalls on the spotlight such as Vatani Spice Rub, 3 Things, Meat the Bun, Burger Hub, Chatterbox and various more. Asian food stalls such as Meikong, Go Sushi and Dynamite Chow were trending from the start till the end.

Apart from mouth-watering dishes, the second highlight of the 1st day was the musical orchestration by many phenomenal performers. The audience filled with cheering fans of all ages eagerly awaited the line-up that included Noman Jalal, Sid Mr Rapper, NS Chauhan (RDB), Bilal Khan and some evergreen music of Pakistan sung by one of the highly beloved artists of the country, Bilal Maqsood. The evening was hosted by the lively and energetic Dino Ali, who entertained the audience thoroughly through his energy and humour.

A lot of the audience commented on looking forward to the upcoming artists of the following 2 days, stating that they are eager to attend on all 3 days. The entire evening was filled with people enjoying the food and music with the famous Lahore excitement and energy. The following 2 days of the event will bring much more to the table and the city has been heavily encouraged to attend and enjoy a wholesome day with their friends and family.