Kami sid pens down the script for upcoming Film !


Kami is a prominent transgender activist and actor and her latest film, Rani, was selected by the London Film Academy screened at the coveted Cannes Film Festival this year.

Kami sid has travelled many countries and represents Pakistan internationally has done international projects too. Kami sid and Khursan bayat akhtar are doing joint venture program and they are planning to launch Telefilm which is based on Transgender life and their daily life problems and hurdles which they face every time.

Irfanistan got in touch with Kami sid she revealed some details :

It’s my first time that i’m writing script for this tele film with Khursan bayat she is also trans women the film based on transwomen who fall in love and how she faced hurdles as a transwomen and other issues, the title hasn’t been decided yet but inshallah will update with time and this telefilm will be for international film festivals’

We wish Kami sid good luck for her film writing script venture.