I urge all our female readers to aspire to be the woman who is somewhere in between inspiring others- Sonya Hussyn


Ever heard of the saying, “empowered women, empower women?” Truly one of the strongest and most pertinent words to remember every time women start turning cynical and harsh towards each other. Fetching for examples, we need not look any further than our very own role models – the Pakistani glitterati and femme Fatales who might otherwise exuberate all things diva but never do they shy away from uplifting each other.

From Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy to Mahira Khan, Arjumund Rahim to Angeline Malik, and now Sonya Hussyn…even while competing, these women never forget to hail their fellow compatriots with praise. Their little acts showcase the power of sisterhood or even healthy competition to all those Pakistanis who look up to them. More recently amidst the launch of their upcoming drama ‘Muhabat Tujhe Alvida,’ the leading lady Sonya Hussyn showed the world how even while sharing screen time, one need not throttle the other for the spotlight. Instead, when Pasha posted “excited to be back”, Hussyn showed love for her teammate by replying “not just her character, she actually is a boss woman!” Refreshing to see such love and professionalism come forth especially when in recent times we somehow slightly grew accustomed to shaming, name-calling, bullying, and just a lot of aggression. The congenial Ms. Hussyn is known for her sensitive, tender yet strong personality. Earlier, we also saw her celebrating the spirit of Eid with house members while remembering her colleague Zara Abid and other deceased passengers of the ill-fated PIA pk8303.

We live in uncertain times, where hope and encouragement from one another is all that keeps us going. Unknowingly, Sonya Hussy’s kind words for a fellow actor comes as a lesson to many. One need not always be harsh and critical towards one another. As is, women already receive unnecessary feedback and hurtful opinions from many. The only way they grow stronger is when they continue to protect each other’s voices and learn to be kind to one another. While practicing this, we leave a strong message for our future generations. I urge all our female readers to aspire to be the woman who is somewhere in between inspiring others, working on herself, dodging negativity, and slaying goals! More power to you ladies!