I am taking a stand since it’s an insult to the numerous artists that had given their commitment to attend but were never flown over. – Ali safina


After Nabeel Zafar has spoke up against the hypocrisy of PISA management and now other celebs have also came up on the front sharing the similar stories. 

Ali safina  also shared his point of view because PISA team was also approached by him:


A few weeks back I got informed about my nomination in the ‘best actor in a comedy role’ category of an award show happening in Dubai lekin turned out k hum sab k saath hee comedy ho gayee. I was asked to send in my documents for visa and travel. After my visa came back I noticed it was a “salesperson” visa which is strange because I’m clearly an actor not a salesperson. A few days after this I was told to wait on for my travel details and was asked to block out the dates 6th, 7th, 8th. After which I saw that certain actors were taken via a private chartered plane. Good for them, I however didn’t hear back from the organisers or the PR agency with my travel itinerary despite of me inquiring and them asking me to wait on standby a few more hours till they can tell me about my flight.

Now it seems that the overly excited yet anonymous organisers of this supposedly ”huge show” happening for the first time in Dubai have gone missing especially after using mine and other artist’s name for publicity whom they nominated, invited but never sent a ticket to.

Perhaps they feel that they already have enough artists there to sell plenty of tickets and put on a show that they don’t mind disrespecting, humiliating and burning bridges with the rest of the nominated artists.

The reason why I am writing this is because I feel that these days it seems anyone can put on an award show where they pretend to honour artists of our industry just to make some gains on ticket money but the ones who suffer in the end are people like me who never signed up for this disrespect but still got dragged into it.

It’s a different thing when a prestigious channel or organisation who is credible and known for providing a platform and actual work for artists to be recognised world over is organising an award show, then it makes sense to go all out and support them and celebrate with them. But who are these people and what’s their contribution to our industry ?

And this is all unfortunately because certain artists of our industry have not valued themselves enough. It seems like any Tom, Dick or Harry can organise an award show and all they need is a ticket and hotel stay to be there. Meanwhile it’s a sure shot business model for these fraudulent organizers to mint money where artists are not being even paid for their presence or performances. Kya aap logon n kabhi travel nahi kiya ya phir 5 star hotel mein rehne Ka yehi ek mauqa miley ga? If you don’t care about your own self worth at least don’t take the whole industry down with you.

So dear organisers of this PISA sh*t awards, next time please refrain from trying to sound credible and legit by using the names of senior artists who don’t need your validation. I on the other hand am clearly still a struggling artist but at least I have to guts to speak my heart even though it might ruffle some of your fancy “Versace” feathers.

I’m sure by now all my fans know that I won’t be a part of this show. I am
taking a stand since it’s an insult to the numerous artists that had given their commitment to attend but were never flown over.

Aur jo izzat Allah deta hai, woh koi nahi de sakta. Beshak Allah hee sab se bada hai!