‘Heer’ Is an upcoming Theatre play of Hajra yamin


Our Favorite Pinky meme saab is doing a theatre play ‘Heer’

Some would rather wait for the right role and the right time to showcase their talent. Amidst those few names is actress Hajra Yamin, who is passionate about acting; it comes from her experience with theatre.

Beginning with theatre in 2011, followed by her TV debut in 2016 and film debut in 2018, Did her second feature film, Pinky Memsaab that was written and directed by Shazia Ali Khan.

Irfanistan Got in touch with Hajra yamin to disclose more about the play.

“I’m not doing a theatre play after 8 years but it is always on my schedule to take two months off in a year and in those specific two months I only do theatre play,”

while asking who approached  her for this role

Hajra : “Zain Ahmed approached me for this play and he told me that all the actors in the theatre will be writing the script themselves and it sounded kind of fun and that is why opted for it.”

“Actually the story is  of Heer and Ranjha but from Heer’s perspective as we will be seeing every girl showing showcasing her skills as Ranjha and it’s not necessary that Ranjha is always a boy it can anything for example my Ranjha is my career so that sums it all.”

How  “the working experience was great and we have been working since a month and talking about the script well I learnt a lot from this as I also became a writer so yeah it was really fun and I’m really looking forward to perform it.”

Dancers would be in this play :
Vajdaan Shah
Nigel and team
Hajra Yamin
Maha Ali syed
Shabana Hassan
Bakhtawar Mazhar
Masooma Nadir

Looking forward to this “Heer” in theatre soon. wish them best of luck.