Foodpanda presents an all-new campaign #HarMoodKaFood


Picture this – it’s late, like every other night, you’re alone on the couch at home catching up on some TV after a long work day. That’s when you start to notice you’re craving something sweet. You promised yourself last week that you’ll be healthier and stop eating dessert every night. Perhaps just this time, you can get one brownie instead of an entire box? Maybe if you have just one you wouldn’t feel so guilty. The idea excites you, but how can you get just one brownie delivered?

Surely no food delivery app has done that yet? Well, foodpanda can. Introducing foodpanda’s latest campaign #HarMoodKaFood the solution to all of your food cravings, your way!

Quickly becoming a staple in the food delivery market, foodpanda offers a wide-range for all of your food cravings as per the changing moods and with their newly introduced Rs. 50 minimum delivery, indulging in your favorite meals are light on the pocket too. Now customers can experience foodpanda in a whole new way by ordering food with up-to a 70% discount with free delivery on 2000+ restaurants across the nation, also on low-budget deals that are exclusively available on Foodpanda.

By creating convenience and usability, foodpanda caters to the customer making sure that whatever mood you are in, foodpanda has the food to satisfy your craving.
With their new campaign #HarMoodKaFood, you can order-in for yourself without having to pay high delivery fees on your favorite restaurants. With the best experience and the easiest interface, foodpanda provides the right answer in just 3 taps.
Whether it is that famous chaat from around the corner or the bun kebab you don’t want to leave your home to get. Whether it’s the end of the month, or the end of the day. Whether you’re craving something sweet or something savory, foodpanda has it all. Find your food, your way with Foodpanda.