Faysal Quraishi takes on another lead role in his latest drama series ‘Gustakh’. The first episode, already aired on 9th July, was well received and has stirred interest among the television audience. In Gustakh, Quraishi’s avatar is completely different from his other ongoing hit drama serial ‘Muqaddar’.

In the series, Faysal Quraishi takes on the role of protagonist ‘Rohail’ who is betrothed to ‘Ania’, played by Yashma Gill. Although the two of them are said to be married, Rohail primarily lives abroad. Thus, Ania’s family grows impatient and encourages her to await his return. However, while Rohail is away, his brother grows closer to Ania and the two of them develop a friendly bond. This causes discord between the two lead characters as the tensions stir and the love triangle becomes more evident. Furthermore, a distant relative played by actress, Faryal Mehmood, intervenes while making the situation much more intense by stimulating more chaos with malevolent lies and deception. Shown as the antagonist of the drama from the first scene of the pilot, this character perpetuates more disharmony through escalating situations already going on behind the scenes.

Faysal Quraishi is known for his versatile roles which beckon the attention of many as shown in this series as well. ‘Gustakh’ is a storyline written by Saima Akram, directed by Najaf Bilgrami and produced by Aijazz Aslam. The drama features various other renowned actors including Faysal Quraishi, Yashma Gill, Faryal Mehmood and Ali Ansari amongst others. The show airs every Thursday at 8pm on Express Entertainment.