Faryal Mehmood & Daniyal Raheal got Nikahfied


Faryal Mehmood & Daniyal Raheal got Nikahfied

Tv actress and actor Faryal Mehmood and Daniyal Raheel got nikah yesterday in Lahore, Faryal and Daniyal were dating for the last two years even they have said clearly on social media and they have seen so many times together in events, Due to Covid-19 both were decided to celebrate their wedding at their home and we can clearly see in pictures only family members were with them.

“Almost a week ago we set off by road for Lahore but, our journey did not start there. We met and spent the last two years navigating through each other’s lives to get to this point,” shared Raheal.

Danyal raheel shared his official statement about the journey how they met each other and how they celebrated :

“We drove for half a day across hundreds of miles, together, to make the pilgrimage to my family so that we could be with each other for what I know is forever.”

He shared that the ceremony seemed incomplete without the physical presence of Faryal’s family, but nonetheless, he was grateful to be married to the love of his life.

“Everything was perfect. Except for a lot of things. My wife’s entire family is in the states. They were all there on various phones. Crying, smiling, cheering, praying for us. We missed them. My own family managed to pull together a day that will forever warm the cockles of my heart. It was everything. I am the luckiest man. I honestly am. Times are strange… Love hard!”