Fakhir Mehmood & Haroon are not planning in reunionship !


In a New year party 2020 which was hosted by Velo Pakistan PR by Catalyst, The two Great singers of Pakistani music industry Fakhir Mehmood  & Haroon took a picture together and that picture went viral everywhere that these two famous band ‘Awaaz’ stars are planning to uniting again.

Haroon took a notice on this and he cleared the air that we are not in a planning to make renunion.

After many years I bumped into my good friend and ex Awaz band mate Faakhir at Frieha Altaf’s Catwalk’s New Year’s eve event. People took pictures of us together and posted it online and immediately started asking if we are planning an Awaz reunion. That is something we haven’t really considered very seriously though we have had offers over the years. Those of you who think an Awaz reunion is a good idea say “Groovy baby” those of you who think it’s a bad idea say “gimme nuts” and those of you who’s minds are blown say “tamatar” 😂. On a side note how many Awaz songs can you name? .

PS I was very impressed with Faakhir’s hair. Both the facial and the crown growth
PSS. Just to clarify at this stage we have no intentions of an Awaz reunion but it was good bumping into each other.

we wish that both should reunion together and boost again our music industry.