Fahad Hussayn Brings To Life An Enchanting Fairytale Chronicle “The Huntsman’s Lament” With An Exclusive Instagram Runway!


Fahad Hussayn Print Museum launched a captivating new fall/winter collection named “The Huntsman’s Lament” on his Instagram on 17th November 2018.

This was Pakistan’s first ever-online fashion show to be done and depicted a series of vibrant outfits that were full of life and color on the runway. .

The shows that was done was one of a kind that depicted absolute class and finesse in every form. The collection portrayed a quest of a high fashion fairytale narrative and each piece on the runway was the accumulation of an extraordinary fashion voyage that left everyone raving for more. Featuring women and menswear, this collection characters a consolidation of convulsive elements that enhance the graceful silhouettes coalesced together in various layers.
The element that caught the eye of many was the strategic use of nature and the surroundings incorporated exceptionally well in every ensemble on the runway. The Huntsman’s Lament integrates botanical and apostolic orientations concocted together in audacious and gallant hues. The whole color palette in which this collection is set aims to celebrate the splendor of the nature surrounding us while the season of fall blends into a frosty and chilly winter. The originating silhouettes are mingled with timeless bespoke menswear and custom in house styling elements to create the aura of a mystical tale. Additionally this collection is an acclimatization of a devoted manifestation of prayer.
In his own words the maestro Fahad Hussayn said: “The Huntsman’s Lament is an appreciation to all things beautiful and angelic that not only stir up an entreating beseech but also acquire the components of gratitude. This collection is extremely special as it platforms convention hand painted prints and embroideries over linen drapes and refined cut lines. Each piece is a tale of mystic in itself that is truly bewitching.”