Duramask: Wear Mask with Style!


As we all know Coronavirus is not end yet and we are still fighting against this virus and losing many of our beloved ones but following all the sops or precautions we can protect ourselves from this dangerous disease.

We used to go outside daily and meet different people but sometimes we forget to wear masks or using sanitizers and this causes us in trouble, So Don’t forget to wear masks while you go outside and meeting with your friends, Here is the introducing Duramask the masks are so comfortable, breathable and effective. they have a foam nose clip and adjustable earloops for the perfect fit, an optional exhalation valve for more breathability by preventing CO2 buildup, and they are made with 6 layers of melt-blown fabric which trap particles from the air for 95% effectiveness and protection against infections! Their masks also come in a variety of different designs so you can be 95% safe with 100% style!

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