Dua malik is back on Tv screen !


Humaima Malik’s younger sister Dua malik is back on tv screen, doing drama serial Khafa Khafa Zindagi from Aplus Tv channel Produced By: Sadia Jabbar
Written By: Kifayat Rodani
& directed by Asim ali.

Dua malik is all set for her debut drama khafa khafa zindagi

Dua malik has done Tv hosting and morning shows as well, after a long break she is back to hold her hands again in Media industry. Her Husband  Sohail haider is a great OST singer, and of course her sister and brother Humaima Malik and Feroz khan is the real star of our Pakistani media industry.

Dua Malik shares some exclusive scoop with Irfanistan regarding her comeback and about the drama and her character in Khafa khafa zindagi

I’m Playing as a ‘amber’ story of a broken house where ali safina is my brother who got divorced and i have to keep his kids and get really zaalim at them because i kept old grudges with my brother which were just misunderstanding this drama will tell audience how karma turns around and hits amber badly. but amber deep down has a soft corner for his brother and kids which audience will see later. how you cant do wrong to your blood for a long time.
Experience was great as i honestly speaking saw only one drama with attention which was mere qatil mere dildaar because sohail won award for that OST so i wanted to see what was it like and i cried my heart out and prayed whenever i do acting i want to work with asim and i think that clicked. acting was ofcourse the final destination alhamdullilah i’m now done with settling family at a very young age and now promise to hit the screens with a bang and come across the expectations ppl keep from me watching my siblings. in the end it runs in the family. Safina has been a great friend and authentic soul! appreciated me throughout being raw at acting! because it brings out the best- Says Duamalik



The play will onair from 29th August 2018 from Aplus tv.