Confirmed : Sajal aly and Ahad raza mir Got Nikahfied


Trust me, every one was so excited to know this news specially Ahad raza mir and sajal ali getting marry each other. So i’m sure you have seen their drama “Yakeen Ka Safar” Their characters Dr Asfi and Dr Zubia gave rise to a whole new wave of fandoms and fanpages.So if you haven’t seen the last episode they Got Marry each other and live happily.

(If you haven’t seen your calendar just Go and mark the date #1stApril )

But wait, On a question when they get marry each other ?

Ahad raza replied so generously :

He said that it is also because of women’s respect that he stays mum about any such speculation. He also said that the amount of attention he gets is incredible but the kind of exposure his personal life gets is scary for him. He said he is a simple person & would always try to keep his private life to himself. We totally understand it, Ahad. We respect your privacy. Source

We are looking forward to see them together on Big screen, and we are really liking their Drama ‘Aangan’