Betiyaan comes with a powerful message to empower and support daughters 


We are in dire need of optimistic and empowering content that highlights the strengths of women, especially daughters, and the many ways they are a positive influence on the world. The millennium has reached new highs and continues to progress, but most of our society refuses to budge from primitive, rigid mindsets and sees daughters as some sort of a burden on families. 

To counteract this belief and once again try and educate people on how biases like these only lead to dysfunctional families and individuals, we have the new drama serial Betiyaan. With Syed Mohammad Ahmed playing the role of a doting father we’d all love to have, the show aims to highlight how a father can be just as supportive of his daughters as most are of their sons. It also seeks to showcase a healthy, affectionate relationship between a father and his 5 daughters, despite the birth of a daughter being considered a bad omen in most families and societies.

The first trailer of the show shows a grand wedding setting with the family of the father and his daughters enjoying and dancing merrily, until they are interrupted by one of the daughters. Without giving much of the plot away, the voiceover narrated by Ahmed demonstrates how the father starts doubting himself or the way he brought up his daughters if something terrible occurs. The promo ends with the same daughter being walked out as the bride, seemingly taking someone else’s place, hinting at hardships to follow – but with her family on her side for support.

The drama boasts an ensemble cast of five daughters, played by Fatima Effendi, Mahenur Haider, Tanya Hussain, Qudsia Ali, and Emaan Khan and their love interests, played by Fahad Sheikh and Osama Tahir. Amidst all the outdated takes and plotlines focused on rivalry, affairs, and generally overdone stories, Betiyaan comes with a powerful message and for once, a refreshing look at healthy, loving families. 

Directed by Meesam Naqvi and written by Asma Sayani, Betiyaan is Big Bang Entertainment’s newest project and comes with another social issue to tackle.