Azaan Sami Khan surprises fans with Nadaan Dil video filmed at iconic Abbey Road Studios


Singer and music composer Azaan Sami Khan surprised fans and music enthusiasts alike by releasing the official video for one of his new unreleased singles, Nadaan Dil. The track is included in Khan’s tracklist of 8 brand-new songs of his upcoming album, titled AZAAN.  

This video, released on YouTube, offers an intimate glimpse into Khan’s recording session held at the renowned Abbey Road Studios in London on August 19, 2023. It features the singer clad in black, recording the song and simultaneously playing the piano, along with other glimpses of the recording session. On the whole, the video provides an immersive experience into Khan’s creative process and gives viewers an opportunity to connect with the music on a deeper level.

Prior to this, Nadaan Dil gained momentum when Khan made a guest appearance on the widely watched game show, Jeeto Pakistan, hosted by Fahad Mustafa, and performed the track to a fullhouse of JP’s audience. Since then, the track’s performance audio has been trending on Instagram, particularly being used to support reels of various kinds. 

According to one of his previous updates, Nadaan Dil was originally composed for the film Superstar (2019), the soundtrack of which was also composed by Khan. However, the track did not make the cut back then and has now found its rightful place in the singer’s upcoming album.

While posting the snippet of the new video on his Instagram, Khan shared his heartfelt emotions in the caption. “Naadan Dil has lived with me for very many years and it always kept coming back. I never knew the right time was. Then this just happened and from being nearly dropped from the album, it became the first release,” he wrote. 

“Performing it at Abbey Road, a studio I’ve dreamt of working in my entire musical life, something felt like this is why the song had waited. After all the love you’ve shown the short bit we sang on Jeeto, we decided to put out the full version earlier,” he added, ending with a sweet shoutout to his fans.

A major previous update leading up to the album release has been the album trailer, which provided a broader perspective of the thematic and musical direction, directed and produced by Filmwala Pictures’ Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza. It also gave the audience quick snippets of celebrity cameos of Sanam Saeed, Syra Yousuf, and Aena Khan. 

Nadaan Dil marks the beginning of an exciting journey leading up to the global release of Azaan Sami Khan’s upcoming album, AZAAN, on October 30, available on all leading streaming platforms. Check out the full version of the video on YouTube.