Atif aslam latest track ’12 bajay’ is disaster !


Was waiting Atif Aslam latest track 12 bajay, which Atif himself promoted on his social media. The video was released on 12th December on Atif’s youtube channel.

Here is a song made purely out of my love for music. The same love that breathed life into my journey. The same love that resonates with all of you beautiful people. I took only that love when I entered sunset sound studio earlier this year and left everything else at the door.. I forgot about all the numbers and the views and all the pressure that comes with it…and just let it all out in the studio. If you can even feel 5% of what I felt while making this, it’s a success Says Atif Aslam

Every body was eager to watch his latest music track but we found the video concept is inspiration or you may call influence of Matt Sorum and Gilby Clarke. The video is more seems like comics and 12 bajay was not that music which we were expected.


But nothing is perfect everytime, Atif aslam tried new strategy to give new taste of music to his fans this time.




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