Ali Noori released latest track ‘DIL HAARA’ for his wife Mandana


Pakistan’s first and only Acappella platform, launches its latest song, Dil Haara. Through this song Ali Noor shares his personal experience with love, depicting the ups and downs in relationships due to lack of communication, misunderstandings and societal expectations from couples.

This heart touching, beautiful melody is the second love-based song written by Ali Noor, first one being Manwa Re. Talking about this song, Ali Noor says,

“I haven’t written something like this in a very long time because I wanted to come up with something which would portray what I have truly experienced myself, in my own relationship. The message that I wish to put forward is to encourage couples to have an open communication as I personally believe that is the key to a successful marriage.”

Dil Haara was written down two (2) years ago by Ali Noor himself. The song is not only written but also composed and produced by Ali Noor, the mastermind behind the Acappella platform, Strepsils Stereo. This song is produced without the use of any instruments with sounds made only through voice, mouth and claps.

Talking about this new venture, Humayun Farooq, Director Marketing Health, Reckitt Benckiser Pakistan Limited (RBPL), manufacturers of Strepsils, said “Strepsils Stereo not only aims to bring in new music but also every song written and produced under it has a thought-provoking message in it. This heartwarming track will definitely be playing on repeat this season. I am really proud of the entire team for bringing out such a beautiful melody under the umbrella of Strepsils Stereo.”