Aijaz Aslam has launched a personal care line in Pakistan


Actor, model, and entrepreneur Aijaz Aslam, has introduced his second business venture – a personal care line, Aijaz Aslam, launched in collaboration with the renowned skincare brand ‘Hemani’.

Foraying into the realm of personal care, Aijaz Aslam’s much-anticipated skincare brand is the culmination of his personal experiences, journey, and a vision to provide natural and organic solutions for all. The premium brand from the actor will cater to the needs of both genders and will launch styling and grooming products under two subcategories. The “Silver Range” will comprise of Real Silver Flakes and Gold Extracts while “Advance Self Care and Grooming Products” will include Organic extracts.

“With the overwhelming amount of skincare choices available in the market, my goal was to create something that was both easy and effective,” said Aijaz on the launch of his new venture. “I have always been intrigued by natural beauty products and desired to work on organic products that you can trust and that can help your skin.” He further added.