5 minutes with Talha Nadeem


Q: Tell us about yourself?

I’m a singer-songwriter from Karachi. I have done MBA from Iqra University and I’m pursuing my dream of becoming a successful musician. Music was my passion since childhood and I started writing songs during my school life.

Apart from music I’m a fitness freak, foodie and I love to travel.

Talha Nadeem

Q: How did you start your

career ?

Well professionally I started my music career in 2011, when I started doing gigs and concerts in Karachi. Opened for mainstream artists and also made a rock band by the name of Discreet. Initially in my childhood, I use to sing in my school functions and also performed in several events in DHA College, I was awarded best performance award in 2005 Farewell.

In 2013, I released my first single “Dooba Dooba” with official music video. The video was on aired by ARY Music, Play TV and 8xm. I received a lot of appreciation for that song.

Till now I have released 8 official songs with videos and several cover tracks.

Check out my latest song #Talash

Its really a fresh sound and its hitting the top charts on Taazi and Patari.

Q: was it your dream to become singer ?

Yes exactly it was a dream which was not easy to achieve and I have come a long way for this. It has been my dream to become a singer since childhood, and it became a reason for my existence, I feel that I express my feelings more easily with my songs.

Listening to the classics with my father brought the inner musician in me and I started singing at very early age.

There wasn’t much support from the family but still I continued my passion with my studies.

Q: Did you learn music study or its just your passion?


Yes it was a passion but I learned a lot as well in music. Music skills are one of the blessings of GOD, such as voice, sense, memory, harmony etc. but one should always polish the skills in order to become perfect. I have always been appreciated for my voice since childhood but I always wanted to learn music and play an instrument. We never had any musical instrument in our family and relatives but I had this goal of learning music that I fulfilled when I joined NAPA for vocal training after completing my MBA. I learned a lot from there in practical and theory classes from the respectable teachers such as Arshad Mahmood, Nafees Ahmed, Adnan Afaq and many. NAPA is a great institute in Pakistan for learning music. However, I wasn’t able to complete my course there but I attended it around 2 years. I have also learned guitar from multiple teachers and guitar helps a lot me in composing new songs.

Q: who was your inspiration?

My inspirations are many artists in different genres of music and that also changed time by time.

In Pakistani music I’m inspired by one and only Junaid Jamshed (May his soul rest in peace), I grew up listening to his songs, he was my favorite artist. Also I really like Junoon and strings.

In Bollywood, I’m inspired by M. Rafi, Kishore Kumar and Sonu Nigam.

In western music; Chris Cornell (RIP), MJ, Daughtry and Nirvana

Talha Nadeem

Q: what do you think about cokestudio/pepsi battle of the band are the good platforms for the talent?

Both platforms are different and unique in their own league. Coke studio is a huge brand which annually release many songs by famous and new artists and that is the revival of Pakistani Music. Its always a treat to listening to the coke studio and specially the kind of improvisation they do with old songs, adding an interesting variant to each song. In Pakistan, it’s a dream for every singer to become a part of Coke Studio.

Pepsi BOB was a great opportunity for underground bands of Pakistan and they were given a great chance of audition round. They promoted several bands on the basis of their skill and it was great to see new talent and a very different music by several bands. If I was in a band, I would have loved to give an audition in Pepsi BOB.

Q: What are your upcoming new plans?

Currently for this year I have 2 songs to produce, after that my first album “Rahon Main” will be complete with 12 tracks. Also 2 music videos are planned for this year.

For the next year, I have planned for my second album of 10 original tracks which I’ll release upon the completion. Means I’ll not be releasing singles like I have been doing since last 4 years. So after completing second album I’ll release it with a record label and will be doing music videos of selected songs. This is the plan for 2017-18

Q: Any message to your fans who want to pursue career in Music field?

Well im not a big or famous artist to give a suggestion to upcoming new artist, im also doing my struggle which is very important, it teaches you a lot and gives amazing experiences.

My message to all is that every artist should be creative and should make new music. When you make something original it reflects your personality and your own creativity which add value to our music industry so I’ll say that “Make New Music” and wish you all the best.

Our artist should do collaborations so that more artists can produce music and such efforts are always beneficial for our local music scene.