Celebrity bridal Makeup artist -Yasir Shiraz

Tell us when did you start your career ?

I started my career in 2007.

who was the inspiration behind this career or whom you inspired most ?
Akif illyas inspired me first when I came to knew that boys can also work into this field, while the inspiration behind was one of my relative who started this work in Islamabad and now he is having his own salon in Dubai.

what are the difficulties/challenges you face so far in your life ?
Well before coming to this field I was a microbiologist /lecturer at Dr ziauddin Medical University.when I left that work for being a makeup artist my father kicked me out of home. I myself started work alone to achieve my goal and Alhamdulillah now I’m in front of u guys and running my own salon successfully.
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was it your dream to become makeup artist ?

Yeah, artist is always innate.By the passage of time they come to know that they are artist and they need to be polished, In fact I was also imposed by my parents to study while I have been always fascinated by makeup, hair n beauty in childhood I used to help out my sisters in their makeup and hair styling at home. Hehehe

How do you prepare different skin types before applying make up?

Well in winter usually we come across dry skin because in our culture women even brides do not prepare(moisturize) their skin for their wedding. so we Moisturize them first and then we apply makeup.

If a customer asked you what’s the most suitable foundation tone for them, how would you help?

Well if a customer ask me for the most suitable foundation we ask them not only to use single shade but also learn to use concealer and camouflage for getting a perfect tone n for that they have to do self grooming course.

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Imagine a customer asked you for a makeup style that was unsuitable for them. How do you handle it?

Aahhh. Yeah, we do face such sort of clients that probably get one or two classes and after sitting on chair start pretending like a master. To them I ask very gently to please trust on us as we are professional and as we work on regular basis so we better know which thing suits you. But at the same time we keep ourselves within the limits of her choice otherwise if your client doesn’t get satisfied he/she won’t comes to you again or even they cud shout and disturb your rest of the clients.

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What would be the effect of analogous/complimentary colors in makeup?

Well using analogous /complimentary colors in makeup been always very safe to use, they give very settle n finished look.

Imagine you make a mistake while you apply makeup to a customer. How do you handle it?

Even if your worker did this mistake, never ever hesitate to rectify your work, because its representing your salons name nor that individual, keeping your client in trust go to correct that makeup. for that if you need to cleanse her face you should. Without wasting time do a perfect makeup again and for compensation of your mistake you can give her any additional service complementary.

If you had to choose makeup according to lighting, how would you go about it?

For high lights, specially TV or outdoor shoot in sun we have to go for very light makeup avoiding any loud or glossy shades. While for evening we can go for gloss n glitters.

Any good or bad experience you face ?

There are number of Good and Bad experience. Infact that events make us more professional to avoid such mistakes. I would like to share few of them
* It always happens to almost everyone that police, political party related leader gives you threat against having free services for their families, try to handle them very politely.

* once a client came to get information about beautician course, though she was Looking normal but suddenly one of my worker standing behind her alerted me that she’s making videos from her cell phone, when I checked her cell cell she already had made 4 videos of salon n workers …which I deleted later.

and soon a bad experience that my previous Facebook page was hacked that we could not recover so from now keep following this new page of Yasir bridal salon.

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