Nando’s Pakistan introduces Espetada Carnival

Nando’s always remain our best in top choice for food because of their uniqueness of taste, hygiene and better service, recently one of our dear friend invited at bloggers meetup where we have to try new Nando’s Espetada, but before they did fun filled quest to taste the carnival.
Actually The quest began at the S.M.C.H.S branch where bloggers were the invited bloggers were split into teams and requested to find logos hidden throughout the branch.


Espetada Cover copy
Upon successful completion of the first task, bloggers were provided with a coded message and were instructed to reach the boat basin outlet to decode the message they had received.

A decryption cypher was provided to the bloggers at the second location. Bloggers solved their morse code clues and performed their task, which was to take a selfie with their team at the entrance of the restaurant and post it on their social media profile.

Nandos Pakistan replied from their official page on profiles of their quest participants and gave them instructions to reach the Khe-e-Sehar Branch, which was the final leg of the quest to “taste the carnival” where bloggers were treated with a guest appearance from Faiza Saleem of Khawatoon fame and were served the tantalizingly mouthwatering Espetada Carnival.

The theme activity goes with the tagline “Go Where The Carnival Takes You” which been experienced by the bloggers, and finally at the Nando’s Boat Basin branch they find the carnival with appetizing Espetada Carnival.
We spotted great comedian and actress FAiza Saleem as well, we did took picture and shout out too.
Over all it was nice fun event, and we do recomand you to taste the Espetada its tasty, reasonable and affordable.

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