‘Aztec’ new chocolate store launched in Karachi

Good news for all the chocoholic people, there is new chocolate store launched in Karachi called #AZTEC which is located at Shop # 1, 39-C, Khayaban-e- Badar, Badar Commercial, Karachi
– Near Pie In the Sky Badar Commercial Outlet, you must be surprised to know that are more than 40 varieties of chocolates available here its just simply wow, because we all eat white, brown, dark chocolate or even sugarfree/diet but Aztec offers more than these.
Lets take you to the background how its come up with this new venture, Hope you all knows renowned ‘PIE IN THE SKY’ bakery ? Ok Pie in the sky launched its new brand AZTEC Chocolate, which is Belgian chocolate and offers gourmet range for all the chocoholic like us.
On launch day many celebrities were seen, Zubaida Apa, AnwarMaqsood, Tarikhussain along with his wife Saba hussain , Khursheeda, Kyra, Hamnazubair, ALi Gul Pir and many other bloggers and socialite were also seen, chocolates was serving to the guests along with refreshing drinks and the live guitar was also played. Over all it was nice well setup event.21728390_917988935019449_893255214714499059_n















The chocolates were very good and not wildly expensive, like some other chocolate stores on Zamzama or badar commercial street. The staff all seem to be uniformly friendly and helpful. I really do like they fact that they offer everyone who comes a complementary piece of chocolate.

I tend to lean towards the truffles, and they have an amazing variety of them. You can mix and match your own set there which is fun. They usually have some chocolate bark and other variety available.

You must be thinking why AZTEC ?
As per press release: the real story of the AZTEC is the inspiration behind the shop, which is the centuries ago in a land far away, The Aztecs found a bean that changed the world. Enamored by this amazing discovery;they used it as food, currency and called it the bridge between earth and heaven. To them cocoa beans was the food of God. The essence of the Aztec’s belief in chocolate is what is infused into AZtec chocolate.

On spot we took live video comments from the different people
Naila Naqvi owner of the AZTEC chocolate store”

Hussain Tariq the Chief Operating Officer of PIEINTHESKY

ALi Gul Pir Famous singer

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