Uzair Jaswal latest Music video ‘Khazana’ teaser is here

Uzair jaswal famous singer is coming up with his new song called #khazana in which you will see famous actress sonyahusain . Uzair just posted video teaser on his social media page
According to him

‘It’s basically a really fun song. Khazana means treasure so the song’s about treasuring the one you love. It’s about a new girl who comes to town, goes to college and how this guy falls in love with her. So the song is about how he’s telling her, he’s trying to convince her, show her how much he loves her and how special she is for him.”
“Sonya Hussain is the girl in the video and she’s done a brilliant job. Other than that, Mariyam Nafees has also played a cameo, which is really cool as well.”


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