‘Back to school’ event was initiated at LuckyOne mall

Press release
30th July was filled with laughter and bonding of beautiful relationships at LuckyOne mall. National Father-in-law day and international Friendship day were other two events celebrated. National father in law day is observed annually on July 30. This day is dedicated to your spouse’s father and is celebrated in honor to all father in laws.
Interactive activities were organized by participating brands that included Bachaa Party, Morinaga, Sefam (Leisure Club, Minnie Minors, Super Squad, Rangja, Chenyre), and Oreo. The activities comprised fun games and entertaining engagements for kids. A celebration is incomplete without a group selfie. Celebrating International friendship day at LuckyOne.

A celebration like never before prepared kids to go back to school with a new and positive energy.

A sister is like a best friend. Feel lucky if you have one.

An adorable couple shares friendship goals with us at LuckyOne.

Cute little pie enjoying a ball game at the LuckyOne mall.

Families at the LuckyOne mall in celebration of Back to school.

Friendship is a bond that brings two people together. Celebrating International friendship day at LuckyOne mall.

Interactive activities and competitions cheered up the little ones at the LuckyOne mall.

International friendship day celebrated at the LuckyOne mall

Love the way these young and talented kids are sharing their creativity at LuckyOne.

LuckyOne brings people together to enjoy the fun activities at Back to school, Father in law day and International friendship day.

LuckyOne mall is a fun place for all the kids. This little one is trying to make a goal.

Never miss to take a good selfie because LuckyOne has many celebrations for you.

People at LuckyOne writing for their Fathers in law at the Father in law day.

People gathered at the main area of LuckyOne mall to enjoy Back to school, Father in law day and International friendship day.

Say cheese with Mr. MnM at LuckyOne mall

Say it all to your friends. International friendship day was well celebrated at LuckOne mall.

schools have re-opened. Smile and prepare yourself to go back to school.

Selfie game strong at LuckyOne's Back to school, Father in law and International friendship day event all in one.

Thats how LuckyOne celebrated the Back to School event.

This young and smart boy posing for a picture.

Three little angels posing for a picture at LuckyOne mall

Young children spotted at the International friendship day taking pictures at LuckyOne.
Mall Events Manager, Mr. Shahzad Anwar said that these events bring more and more customers in the mall and also customers feel delighted while visiting the mall. He also said that “LuckyOne Mall” is going to celebrate more and more exciting events for the customers. He thanked all the customers who came and participate in Back to School event.
Bloggers were invited along with the general public. Visitors took pictures in front of the media wall using different props to make selfies more interesting. Amazing 3D artwork was displayed in the activity area and fun engaging competitions were held. Visitors also won several giveaways comprising school supplies and discount vouchers for shopping at LuckyOne to make the event memorable.
A comment wall was put up where everyone expressed in words, the love for their friends. An interesting session with Saad Haroon on ‘Back to school’ was also held.

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