Maya Ali wraps up TEEFA in Trouble shoot

Much awaited film TEEFA in Trouble is finally wrapup and the team took pictures along with the Main lead cast Alizafar and Maya Ali, Maya Ali was super excited and she shared a big Thanks to all the entire team on her social media.
According to her:
So every journey has to come to an end and that’s how this Teefa and trouble has ended… I have to share a lot of things so I thought this is a better way to share… What a beautiful journey it has been, with lots of U turns, it’s been a roller coaster ride… This was the only journey when I didn’t cry because of the production and team (lol)…. I never thought whilst reading the script that I could do it but of course the confidence Ahsan sir had in me, made it happen… He’s THE BEST for sure and why I am saying this, you all will get to know when you will watch TEEFA in Trouble… Thank you Ahsan Sir for believing in me… and let me tell you all a secret… I was sure that I won’t be able to do work with this rock star because I knew I’ll be star stuck but he made everything so easy for me, I never felt any ego in him, he was not only good with me but also with the whole crew from the camera man to chai wala, he was just so friendly with everyone… and now I get to know how you become a STAR ⭐…. Thank you Shani from Nabila, for the Lahore spell you were amazing throughout that spell and thank you Rajan for being an incredible makeup artist and creating all the new looks for Anya… You have given life to Anya through your magic hands and you know how much I love you and and thank you for being my corner partner in Poland… Ahhhh I think I am getting emotional🙁🙁…20258435_1729401560421224_5363365490549108911_n Thank you our team in Poland who took care of us beyond our expectations, thank you Milena and David for all your unconditional love, gonna miss your hugs Milena for sure😘😘… Thank you faraz for bearing me shouting, you are a brilliant stylist… Thank you to our DOP Zain for his magic lights, I still don’t know how you make frames so beautiful like a fantasy… Last but not the least and the most important person of this project our cute Ad Moiz… Moiz I never said this, but honestly I have never seen an Ad who works as hard as you do, who hardly slept 3 hours in a day and still managed to make everyone happy, and listened to everyone shouting, I am really sorry if I got angry… All the very best our future director… and yes how can I forget u Taha😂… Thank you for your moral support even though you never gave me baba’s breakfast, but I can assume it’ll be good…Big big thank you everyone…

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