The flagship store of DEFINE opened today at LuckyOne Mall, Karachi. Star-studded with prominent celebrities like Jia Ali, Tipu Sharif, Sana Fakhar and many more, as well as socialites, the opening was marked by a fashion presentation choreographed by the veteran Imran Kureishi.
The evening began with a bustling Red Carpet, where guests took pictures onarrival,both at the photo booth and at the media wall, and partook of delicious hors d’oevours. A ribbon cutting ceremony took place with Mr Mian Muhammad Abdullah and Mrs Zareena Bano cutting the ribbon, allowing guests to take a thorough round of the store and explore the range available.
Angie Marshal and Falisha Chaudhary

Anisa Farooqi and Ms. Shanaz Ramzi

Anisa Farooqi and Shanaz Ramzi

Asif Rehman (2)

Asif Rehman and Falisha Chaudhary

Asif Rehman

Ayaz Khan

Beenish and friends

CEO define Mr. Naeem Anwer with guest

CEO Mr. Naeem Anwer with guest

CEO Mr. Naeem Anwer

Falisha Chaudhary (2)

Falisha Chaudhary

Hira Hussain and Mehwish Maqbool

Hira Hussain

Imran Kureishi and Saima Azhar (2)

Imran Kureishi and Saima Azhar

Jia Ali (2)

Jia Ali, Sana Fakhar, CEO Mr. Naeem Anwer and family

Jia Ali

Khurram and Beenish

Maria Jan

Mina Ramzi and Turab Ramzi

Miyan Mohammad Saleem

Mr. Naeem Anwer, Mehwish and team

Mrs Zarina Bano, Mrs Sumra Naim, Ms Sabeen Mustafa, and Ms Noor Afnan

Nadia Hussain (2)

Nadia Hussain

Narmeen Aamir, Lareib Akhoond and Amna Abdullah

Nosheen and Harry with friend

Nosheen Anjum and friend

Nosheen Anjum and Harry

Nosheen Anjum

Obaidullah Anwer and Umair Khan

Obaidullah Anwer

Omer Shahzad (2)

Omer Shahzad, Nadia Hussain, Saima Azhar, Rohail Khan, Falisha Chaudhary and Asif Rehman

Omer Shahzad

Perfumes at Define store

Price winner and Obaidullah Anwer (2)

price winner and Obaidullah Anwer (son of CEO)

Price winner and Obaidullah Anwer (son of Mr. Naeem Anwer)

price winner and Obaidullah Anwer

Rayyan and Shoaib

Rohail Khan

Saima Azhar and Rohail Khan

Saima Azhar

Sana Fakhar (2)

Sana Fakhar, Ayaz Khan and Teejay

Sana Fakhar

Shanaz Ramzi and Sualiha


Tahleel Khan

Team Define

Team Starlinks

Teejay, Jia Ali, Mehwish Maqbool and Sana Fakhar


Umair Khan Khattak, Turab Ramzi and Mina Ramzi

Zubiamotiwalla and kids

The host of the event, Amna Abdullah later welcomed everyone to the event. A visual presentation of the concept behind DEFINEwas shared by Obaidullah Anwar, manager marketing at Define followed by a speech by CEO Define Mr Naim Anwar. Expressing his delight on the occasion he said, “Our challenge is to take the brand to the next level with a new look and feel that is vibrant, bold and metropolitan but still true to its natural, quality selection.”

Then began the fashion segment that everyone had been waiting for. Showcasing the three kinds of products available at Define – depicting luxury (perfumes), fashion(accessories) and beauty (cosmetics)- six models sashayed down the catwalk. The segment opened with Rohail Khan followed by Saima Azhar depicting luxury. Then came Asif Rehman and Faleesha Chaudhry depicting beauty and finally Omer Shahzad and Nadia Hussain depicting fashion.

The make-up of Faleesha Chaudhry, Saima Azhar and grooming of Asif Rehman and Rohail Khan was done by Angie’s salon. The outfits for female models were by Zubia Motiwalla.

It may be noted that the brand Define consists of different product lines such as perfumes, cosmetics, skin-care, hair-care and accessories that are daily style needs of shoppers, both males and females.

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