Meesha Shafi’s song ‘Yaar Mere’

The music video has been directed by Asma Humayun, with Asad ul Haq as the Executive Producer, styling for which has been done by the seasoned stylist Ehtesham Ansari.
The music video for ‘Yaar Mere’ tells the story of a couple separated by fate who is longing for each other in their hearts. Meesha plays herself as a superstar and the model Huni Jalaf plays her star-crossed lover and a struggling artist in London. The video shows them both singing the same song, Meesha at a Cornetto Pop Rock concert and Huni at a street corner.Yaar Mere - BTS - CPR2 (3)

Yaar Mere - BTS - CPR2 (1)
Meesha Shafi commented on her experience as: ‘I had an amazing experience working on this song. The video is very close to my heart as it shows the aspects of a relationship that are not easily understood and the ones we often neglect but are always defining our lives.’
#CornettoPopRock2 is the second season of #CornettoPopRock, a 360O music platform, which aims to revive the pop and rock culture among the youth of Pakistan by arranging music concerts in Pakistan’s biggest cities and releasing six music videos each season with the most wonderful pop and rock stars of the country.

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