‘Zaaalima’ you copied TAPAL’s Style !

This wasn’t expected from Coca cola when i saw the TVC. I have seen so many TVC’s of this brand but highly disappointed how could they have copied every single frame/story board of Tapal TVC

It doesn’t make sense by a brand like Coca Cola would be by copying the other brand’s concept inspite of all the resources at their disposal. How can you change the trend specially for karachities or people in Pakistan who really love TEA specially in homes, offices, cafe, restaurant and those who get relief from the TAPAL TEA ! Ofcourse, there is no alternative solution so your target audience is not going to get fooled so stick to some fresh and original ideas and concepts because since Ramadan is also coming we expect to see a better campaign moving forward.




Those, who are chaiholics will anyways never prefer drinking frizzy drinks be-cause of the massive sugar levels in it (so your idea seems unrelatable).
Tapal lovers hence its proved ( kuch to hai Tapal Danedar mein warnaa Zalimaaa copy naa kartaa)
Drink Tapal Tea as much as you would like specially if you are in a need of an inspiration. Zaalima team, you may take note!

Toh hojayee, Tum mein aur aik cup chai!

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