Ali zaffer reveals his character in ‘DEAR ZINDAGI’ bollywood flick

Finally Ali Zaffar reveals his charachter in upcoming Bollywood film ‘Dear Zindagi’ lets read more about the press info which we got now !
Zafar plays the character of Rumi in Gauri Shinde’s romantic drama; a broody, charming singer/songwriter who is Bollywood star Alia Bhatt’s love interest, romancing her with his voice and music as he performs hit songs Tu Hi Hai and Taarefon Se in the blockbuster. Zafar’s role in the film and his stand alone ability to both act and sing his own songs in films has been lauded by Bollywood critics and the fraternity alike. Dear Zindagi is Ali’s seventh successful film in Bollywood.

Earlier this month, Shinde and Bhatt openly took a stand for Ali Zafar as Pakistan’s first artist to take Bollywood, putting an end to any speculation of his removal from the film, citing he was irreplaceable.

Ali Zafar is currently working on his film in Pakistan as cast by Ahsan Rahim for their romantic action comedy, set to release in 2017.


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