Good news ! Uber launches ‘uberAUTO’ in Karachi

Rickshaws are already a signature mode of transportation around Pakistan and uberAUTO will help transform the existing transportation modes by using the leading technology to build in another layer of safety, reliability and economic opportunity. Uber will be bringing in a level of transparency to the rickshaw industry through their operations. Every driver has to undergo a standard procedure where the valid government issued documents are to be submitted and verified before the driver is given access to Uber’s technology.

Following the launch in Lahore, uberAUTO has been launched in Karachi with a free weekend. Which means each Uber rider could avail 5 free uberAUTO rides up to Rs. 75 from Thursday 24th November, 2016 to Sunday, 27th November, 2016.

uberAUTO service was inaugurated by Chief Minister Sindh, Syed Murad Ali Shah of Sindh Government.

Syed Nassir Shah, Sindh’s Minister of Transport, stated The Ministry of Transport and Uber have a similar long term vision for how technology can enable safety, reliability and economic opportunity and build the smart cities of the future. Uber has already transformed urban mobility for Pakistanis and we are excited to be part of its growth here in Sindh, especially as it continues to demonstrate its commitment to being a part of the local transport network in order to be as accessible as possible to all members of society.”

NaheedMemon, Chairperson of the Sindh Board of Investment, stated, “We have seen firsthand the positive impact that Uber has brought to Pakistan. For riders, it has been that transparency and safety in how they are getting around the city. For drivers, it has been greater economic opportunity and flexibility with how they make their income. Being able to bring this service and technology to the rickshaw industry will no doublt empower even more people with a safe, reliable choice in transport and for the drivers, an innovative way to earn a living.”

At the launch of the service, Safee Shah, GM Uber Pakistan, said “We are incredibly excited to launch uberAUTO in Karachi – the most developed city of Pakistan. Karachi has always welcomed progressive technology and smart transport solutions. Considering the fact that auto-rickshaws are a key part of the city, we believe our new service is most likely to benefit for the extra layer of transparency added to the product they know and love. Furthermore it would eliminate the riders n
eed to negotiate the pricing as it would already be very transparent.uberauto-launch-in-karachi-november-2016

Rickshaws generally struggle to meet their daily minimum revenue target despite investing hours of effort. Considering this issue, are striving hard to support them through our advanced lead generation technology. This way drivers are no longer limited to only being able to pick up customers they can see. With the app they are provided access to a much larger coverage area of potential passengers. Initiatives like uberAUTO are a reflection of the way in which Pakistani cities are embracing technology as part of their transport infrastructure.”

UberAuto is an affordable transport option which is priced at Rs 35 base fare, Rs 3/km plus Rs 1/minute, A typical trip from IBA City Campus to National Stadium will cost Rs 50, while a trip from Hyderi Market to Bahadurabad will cost Rs 60. In order to use uberAUTO, a user will need to download the Uber App from any App store and request a ride from the app. After completion of the trip, they will get a digital invoice with the amount to be paid – there is no need to negotiate with the driver. Users can pay for their trip via cash, or Debit/Credit card.

uberAUTO works exactly the same as like the other option, uberGO, on the app. Riders can request for an auto rickshaw ride by tapping the uberAUTO icon.

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