High hopes for ‘chalaythaysaath’

Believe me, when we saw the trailer we were just like shocked !! such a beautiful promo we have ever seen, i’m sure it will be treat for us and for Pakistani media industry in 2017.Bloggers meetup was conducted Title ‘Chalay thay saath’ is a story of journey, friendship, love and beautiful Pakistan specially Hunza, yes you will see in promo once it release, you will surprise to know the beautiful location of Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan the whole film is being shot in these areas, According to the press info, the film follows the stories of 6 people, who are going through their own lives which are delicately linked to each other in various way.

According to the Exec producer Sheraz Sheikh
‘ we felt that the time was right to make a film that explores the mundaneness of urban existence to the richer more cultural life of the hunza/Attabad region. We wanted to highlight the locations up north and the beauty and peace that can be found within on a journey through the mountains’
Did you know the most interesting thing about the film ?
There is Chinese actor Kent S leung, who will also be making his Pakistani film debut, “After what was an unforgettable and eye-opening experience shooting for 45 days in Pakistan for the Pakistani feature Chalay Thay Saath, I’m happy and relieved to be back in my now second home in Beijing among friends and loved ones.” says to Express tribune
and two amazing stars Osama Tahir who is from theatre background and non other than our favourite Bachelor bawarchi ‘ Faizkhalid’ is also doing his debut film, and shamim Hilal sahiba also back in film industry, she did her first film in early 70’s as she told us in blogggers meetup.

FAtherinlaw of Syra sheroz, Behroz sabwari will also in the film, so the film looks super interesting to be very honest and we are really curious to watch the film in the beginning of 2017, releasing date has not been announced yet so lets see whats the best time to release, but yes High hopes for Pakistani film industry in 2017









Cast :
syra sheroz
Kent S Leung
Behroz sabzwari
shamim Hilaly
Mansha Pasha
Osama Tahir
zhalay sarhadi
FAria khalid
sherbaz kaleem

Campaign design: Sara Jamil
Photocredit: Ali Khurshid
Styling: Palwasha Yousuf
Makeup partners: NABILA
DOP: Shahzad Khan
Script by: Atiya Zaidi
Directed by: Umer Adil
Produced by: Beenish Waiz
Exec producer: Sheraz Sheikh

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