‘MAIDAN’ showcasing a new face of street children of Pakistan

‘MAIDAN’ produced under the ‘Shuffler Films’ banner will shed light on the success stories of street children of Pakistan in an insightful way.

‘MAIDAN’ is based on a true account of street children hailing from poverty-stricken areas of Pakistan that came together to take part in the ‘2014 Street Child World Cup’ held in Brazil. The story revolves around real life characters and their struggle to make it to the international platform in a captivating way. It brings to life their patriotism, passion for the sport and dedication to make their dreams come true.

Azad Foundation, the guardian of these children has legally sold their intellectual and creative rights to ‘Shuffler Films’ and officially collaborated with the production company to make the feature film.

“The storyline of the film is real, relatable and enthralling” said Gohar Rasheed. “We see the struggle of these children every day, but this struggle and effort alongside success is something I wish to capture and bring to a larger audience through cinema’ He added.

‘MAIDAN’ is scheduled to be shot in three different countries- Pakistan, Europe and Brazil. The casting of the project is still in process and will be announced soon.


‘Shuffler Films’ is an independent film company based in Karachi. Gohar Rasheed is a versatile actor and producer hailing from Lahore, Pakistan. With an innate understanding of the Pakistan film industry, He brings with him 8 years of acting and production experience unfolding his diversity with each passing year. His dynamic professional trajectory has been shaped through his desire to grow and excel as an artist from theatre to television and now cinema. While Waqas Rizvi is a producer by profession and co-founder of Shuffler Films. He has set a mark for himself in the industry over a short period of time. He has recently co-produced critically acclaimed film ‘Manto’ and has a large number of dramas like ‘Bashir Momin’, ‘Mera Saaein’, ‘Moor Mahal’to name a few under his belt. Both the artists have joined hands with an aim to bringtheir experience together and produce excellence in brand films

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