Tell us about the song or title?

I’m doing 4 songs for the movie “Rangreza”. All these songs are of different genres, so its a lot of fun trying my hand at different styles of music for this film. I’m not able to disclose titles of songs yet, but once the songs are done and finalized, I will share the news with everyone!

How it happened to become music director first time in lollywood film

After I released my first solo Pakistani collaboration with Komal Rizvi for “Desan da Raja”, some people had approached me with interest in doing some music for various projects. It also happened that Aamir, who is the director of Rangreza, was in the direction team on the video for “Desan da Raja” also, so we had hit it off on set, and he liked the music vibes he heard. So things connected very naturally and we decided this would be a great project for both of us

Are you also going to be feature in this music video

We have decided that I will be in at least one of the videos. We have not finalized which song yet, but the songs start taking shape, we can decide where my feature will make the most sense.


How was your experience first time for lollywood film as a music director.

What I see now is that it’s not the old lollywood days. I think that the Pakistani movie industry has gone through a major upgrade in the last couple of years, and it’s evident in the way things are moving forward. Everyone involved in Rangreza is working as a unit, and it putting their hearts and soul into this project, including myself. Of course the industry is growing and getting better, but the main thing is that people are working together, and not against each other. Its in all our interests to make the industry grow fast, and we stand behind that goal!

Are you going to launch abroad aswell

Yes, the plans are to launch internationally for sure. It may not happen at the same time, but a movie of this calibre needs to be seen and loved all over the world!

when it’s going release

We dont have an exact release date yet, but all release dates will be announced very soon

what are your other upcoming projects?

I have conversations happening with 3 other movies these days, and 2 other song collaboration releases. There is a lot of good energy in the entertainment industry of Pakistan, so lots of those projects are looking for a new sound, and are happy to hear that I can bring in a fresh sound. Other than that, I’m on a journey to try to bring positive projects to Pakistan, and help the overall energy of our country. I’m in talks for being a good will ambassador for a social cause, as well as working on bringing some international productions to Pakistan as well. I hope whatever I can do can help all of us grow together and shed a positive light on Pakistan.

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