The Patio – Where Friends Meet and Eat

It is always a pleasant feeling to attend such bloggers meetup or such events which are really meaningful – you can talk to the chef, the curator or the owner and get their perspective on their recipes. The new lunch menu, created a chance for bloggers to meet up there and taste it. When Moizkazmi, PR head from Mindmap invited me for this I couldn’t say ‘No’ to him, because it is always a pleasure visiting patio and sitting next to the glass walls and enjoy my meal. On it’s facebook page, Patio defines itself as, “Patio is a Contemporary Fine Dining Restaurant that serves Pan-Asian & Pakistani cuisine in a vibrant & friendly atmosphere, It is located on the popular food street in Clifton block 4.”
On entering Patio, you can notice its minimalistic design, signature yellow, whites and wood paneled Mediterranean ambiance, Saima Achria welcomed and guided us to our table. We were a group of three, hence a lot of options to taste and try. For starters, we ordered salmon and avocado flatbread which was delish, fresh and made to perfection, in salads we chose for the minced meat and quinoa salad which was juicy, with a light tangy yet not-very-sweet light dressing. The salad is perfect for summers, its filling yet not very heavy on the gut.


My main course was Chicken Tournedos after 2 minutes reading menu, aaaah others had ordered pasta and creamy cheesy stuff but I am counting my calories these days! The main course arrived in another 10 minutes which turned my mood down, but it’s okay cause the moment it came, it smelled of fresh herbs and yummy and every bite was a busrst of flavours. The chicken was filled with cheese, jalapenos, topped with black olives, and came with a generous serving of flat pasta. It was a pleasure-filled plate. I chose for a lemonade drink to compliment my main course and it was really ‘mazeydaaar’!
Service: 3.5/ 5
Hygiene: 5/5
Food Taste/Quality : 4.5/5
Ambiance : 3.5/5
Patio is located at F-50/1, Block 4 Clifton. For reservations and bookings, call 0213-5309871 & 03008291936





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